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Are you ready for the most thrilling safari in Sub-Saharan Africa? Welcome to the Big 5, the amazing safari-themed pokie game that will drive you wild, here at Roxy Palace Australia! Big 5 is a casual pub-style 3 reel, 1 payline pokie that boasts generous payouts and an atmospheric theme to lose yourself in.

Powered by Microgaming, Big 5 comes with an immersive, colourful theme that sports impressive visuals, realistic sound effects and a comprehensive interface. The game's user-friendly design and its straightforward 3 reel gameplay make it perfect for beginners while its generous payout keep things interesting for experienced players who seek a rewarding pokie experience -this is a 3 reel game that everyone will enjoy!

Mastering the Big 5

With 3 reel and just 1 payline to look after, Big 5 is surely an easy and uncomplicated pokie game. There are no boggling features and no bonus games here. The game's symbols include African animals such as the Lion, the Elephant, the Leopard and the Rhino. There are just six symbols (the animals plus cherries and BARs) to play with and no wilds, scatters or other "special" symbols that often crowd the reels of other pokie games.

Big 5 is fun to play and very easy to win! The cherry symbol is much sought after as it leads to incredible payouts! Every cherry on the reels multiplies your payouts if they are matched with other winning symbols. Three Lions across the reels lead to Big 5's jackpot and three BARs can also make you a tidy sum if you're lucky enough to get them together!

Explore Africa and Gain Cash Prizes at Roxy Palace Australia

Big 5 is a beginner-friendly 3 reel pokie game with just a single payline and lots of cash prizes to be won! The game's straightforward design and limited symbols mean that you can master it fast and get some particularly easy payouts out of it without hassle.

To start exploring Sub-Saharan Africa today sign up with our casino and you will also get a free $350 Australian dollars as your welcome bonus. So don't hesitate! Come on in and get ready for the most rewarding safari, experienced in the comfort of your own home, only at Roxy Palace Australia!

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