Bar Bar Black Sheep - Casino Pokies

Get ready to round up some black sheep for fun and insane profit here at Roxy Palace Australia with Bar Bar Black Sheep!

Bar Bar Black Sheep is an amazing 3 reel, 1 payline pokie game that boasts cutesy visuals and a fun, pub style theme that new players will love for its intuitiveness and old players will value for its profitability and the undeniable nostalgia factor!

Relaxed and lucrative, Bar Bar Black Sheep is an incredible pokie game brought to us by Microgaming, the world's leading casino games developer. Inspired from an old nursery rhyme, black sheep have invaded this pokie machine and it's your goal to shear their wool and make some money while having lots of laughs!

Bar Bar Black Sheep Pokie Madness!

Bar Bar Black Sheep gives players the chance to enjoy a traditional 3 reel, 1 line game with relaxed gameplay and a fun theme. The game stands out from the crowd thanks to a number of extra features that make it truly unique. The Black Sheep itself is the game's wild and will also give you a wool-tastic 3x multiplier whenever it shows up on the reels. The game also boasts a respectable jackpot that stands at 1,600 coins and you can claim it by landing the game's namesake across the reels. Yes, two bars and the wild Black Sheep symbol (hence the Bar Bar Black Sheep name!) will net you those 1,600 coins and make you one happy player!

Wool Has NEVER Been More Profitable at Roxy Palace Australia

Fast, funny and undeniably cute, Bar Bar Black Sheep is a casual 3 reel pokie game that's perfect for beginners thanks to its laid back gameplay and generous payouts. With an entertaining theme and a fantastic 1,600-coin jackpot that's easy to claim, Bar Bar Black Sheep will give you countless hours of top quality pub-style pokie fun and put a smile on your face.

Sign up today and claim your welcome bonus (all $350 of it!) and get ready to shear some sheep for fun and profit, here at Roxy Palace Australia!

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