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Craps: with the roll of the dice, you could transform into a high roller

What's a more classic casino game than craps? You've seen everyone play it in the movies from Bond to Cameron Diaz but have you ever played it yourself? If you're interested in learning Craps or just want to improve your Craps game, Video Craps is a great place to start. You can work out the rules and odds in the comfort of your own home, in a stress-free environment, and then take your new found skills to a land casino or continue playing online and win big Whatever your plan, Video Craps will give you hours of fun and excitement you won't be able to fine anywhere else.

Craps: strategy and rules

The rules of Craps can seem complicated at first but once you know the basics it's easy to remember. Here is a run-down of the basic Craps rules:

  • You will be the "Shooter" or the person rolling the dice.

  • The dice fly from left to right and comes to a stop once you click the Roll button.

  • You can bet any amount from 1-100 for each round. You can also play for free if you enter the game as a Guest Player.

  • The Shooter is required to bet the minimum on the "Pass" or "Don't Pass" Lines, (in Video Craps they're called "Win" and "Lose") which is then established by the shooter, once they roll the dice.

  • The first roll of the dice is called the "Come Out Roll" and this is done to establish a Point. If the roll results in a 7 or 11, any bets made on the Win Line win but any bets made on the Lose Line lose. If the roll turns out to be a 2,3 or 12, the Win Line loses. Lose Line bets win if the roll results in a 2 or a 3 but if it's a 12 the Lose Line wagers result in a tie.

  • The Shooter keeps rolling until a Point is established. The Point can be any other number: 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10.

  • Once everyone knows the Point, then the Shooter keeps throwing the dice. If the Shooter rolls the Point, then the Win Line pays out 1:1 and the Lose Line bets lose and the game is over. If the shooter rolls a 7, the game also ends but the payouts are reversed, the Win Line bet loses and the Lose Line bets pay 1:1.

  • While the game is in progress Win Line bets cannot be taken off the table but they can be increased. Lose Line wagers are more flexible and can be increased, decreased or removed altogether.

Microgaming have really brought a real life feel to this game. You'll feel like you're actually standing at a Craps table and you'll be blown away by the accurate and detailed graphics. Playing Video Craps is a great way to get to know the game of Craps and learn about all the different types of bets and feel comfortable at the table. If you are already familiar with Craps, Video Craps is definitely a great way to brush up on your skills before a trip to a land casino while winning money at the same time.

So put on your tux, shake that martini and step up to the Craps table - all in the comfort of your own home


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