Ladies Nite Casino Slots Game

Ladies Nite Video Slot

Find yourself on a glamorous night out with stylish party girls and expensive cocktails Ladies Nite is a five reel, nine pay line video slot with a fabulous bonus gamble feature. It's no doubt one of the most popular casino games among lady players, but Ladies Nite is just as attractive for gents who would enjoy a late night party in a stylish club.

Get ready to enter the world of hunky waiters, Pina Coladas, luxury perfumes, posh handbags and glittery dance floors To make your party night even more rewarding, Ladies Nite offers you a range of great bonus features, symbols and scatters.

To top it all off, Ladies Nite delivers the latest 3D graphic technology and stunning disco pop tunes. Just to warn you, the stereo tunes make the dancing party ladies so realistic that you will immediately feel the boogie in your legs

Features include:

Ladies Nite video slot is a five reel, nine pay line, five coin game, with a wild and a scatter symbol, a free spin bonus feature, and a gamble feature.

General Game Rules

  • Get on your feet and grab all the lucky symbols of Ladies Nite Look out for the main ones such as the cocktail tray holding waiter, the edgy handbag, the lipstick, the giant cocktail and the high-end perfume
  • Watch out for the generous wild and scatter features of Ladies Nite
  • Find the shiny disco ball that substitutes missing symbols and completes your winning pay line
  • Don't forget to keep an eye on Ladies Nite's money booster, the Chip and Dale scatter feature
  • Collect two of them and get two coins, see three or more of them spinning on the wheels and start the 15 free spins feature
  • You will also get a 3x multiplier on anything you win during this feature

Why not enjoy the glamorous party feeling? Join our lucky players and make your fortune with Ladies Nite at Roxy Palace.


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