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Cabin Fever Casino Slot Game

Cabin Fever Video Slot

Cabin Fever slot features

Cabin Fever is a fun five reelvideo slot game full of free spins, multipliers and a bonus game which means you have so many ways of winning.

The theme of Cabin Fever takes you to the dead of winter, when everything has frozen over and it's just too cold to go outside. You'll have to stay indoors to survive, but that time in isolation can make you hallucinate and make your mind wander. You'll have to keep focused if you want to snag that big jackpot, which could be worth as much as 5 000 times your wager.

Features include:

Cabin Fever video slot is a five reel, 20 pay line, ten coin game, with a wild and a scatter symbol, a free spin bonus feature, and a gamble feature.

General Game Rules

Cabin fever game rules

  • Cabin Fever works like a normal video slot game, but you can have a chance to analyse your pay lines with a 'View Payout' button at the bottom of the screen
  • You can bet on one line, just a few, or on all 20 at once
  • On each line, you can make wagers of 0.01 - 0.50 and bet up to ten coins per line
  • Cabin Fever has a scatter symbol/wild icon - a wild blizzard
  • If the wild blizzard icon appears on a winning line, it doubles the number of credits bet so you win more
  • There is a free spin bonus game that comes up when the smiling sun wearing sunglasses appears on either the first or fifth reels
  • If that happens, not only does your pay line get doubled, you also win 20 free spins
  • If you have a winning spin you can choose to play the 50:50 bonus game
  • This game couldn't be simpler: a playing card will appear face down, just guess whether the card is black or red and if you're right, you get double the jackpot

Cabin Fever is a fun online slot game with cute graphics that really comes to life on your screen. Playing is easy, with many game options to suit your playing style and skill level. If you want a fun video slot with lots of pay lines, then Cabin Fever is the game for you.


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