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How Do I Deposit Casino Credits?

To purchase casino credits and begin playing for Real money you must first create your personal casino account. For further assistance on Getting Started please click here .

CONNECT to the casino and select the option to open a casino account. Once you have successfully registered a casino account you will be able to purchase credits via the casino's on-line BANK interface using a variety of purchase methods. All credits are purchased in your chosen currency on registration eg. 1 credit = 1 US Dollar. Click on your preferred purchase method below for further information.

Comprehensive on-line help is available within the casino software to assist you at all times. Alternately please click here for information on how to contact our Casino Support Personnel, who will respond promptly to your request.

Is There A Minimum Deposit Amount?

In order to start playing online you will need to purchase $20 worth of gaming credits.

How Do I Make A NETeller Deposit?

To find out more about the NETeller funding options & how to sign up click here.

NETeller is an online money transfer service. Opening a NETeller account is like using an online wallet.

NETeller provides the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online, with same day payments and virtually instant cash transfers.

Deposit casino credits using NETeller, via the BANK section in the casino.

You can fund NETeller using:

  • Instacash

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Bank Deposits

  • F-Cash

How Do I Check My Deposit And Withdrawal History?

Roxy Palace provides you with your Cash History using Transaction History, a web-based tool that allows customers to view their financial transactions. Full details of purchases and cash-ins are provided in a bank-like statement from the casino.

To view your Transaction History statement select View your Transaction History from Your Account in the main menu bar of the casino.

A sample Transaction History statement is shown below.

How Do I Withdraw My Casino Credits?

To cash-in, click the BANK button in the casino, select WITHDRAWAL and select the amount that you wish to withdraw. This will record your cash-in with us immediately and your cash-in will be placed in a pending account until processed, usually around 24 hrs after the request during UK banking hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday). During this period you will be able to reverse all or part of your cash-in.

Bonuses can be cashed-in only after the Promotions Terms and Conditions requirements are satisfied.

After this period has elapsed the funds will be released, processed and sent to you via the payment method of your choice, where available. Please note that you may be requested to comply with certain Security Requirements to receive your cash-ins, for details click here.

Roxy Palace reserves the right to delay and/or stop the processing of cash-in requests until final approval has been received for any outstanding purchase transactions. Please also note that there is minimum cash-in limit of $20, any balances less than $20 will be reversed into your casino account.

In order to enable you to receive your money as quickly as possible, please ensure that all information submitted by you is accurate and complete so that we can process your requests without delay.

Cash-In Payment Methods

Please note that, unlike many other casinos, we do not charge fees for any of our cash-in methods. Please note that due to Diners Club International card regulations we are not permitted to return funds to your Diners Club International card. The casino will refund your money using one or any combination of the methods listed on your withdrawal tab in the Bank.

Can I Reverse My Withdrawal After Requesting It?

Should you decide to continue playing at the casino within 24hrs of requesting a cash-in please click the BANK button in the casino and select REVERSE CASH-IN in the Banking Menu to transfer your cashed-in credits immediately back into your casino account.

This allows you to conveniently re-deposit to your account without submitting a new deposit using another payment method.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Withdrawal?

Once you have requested a withdrawal, the funds will enter a pending cycle before they will be processed. Please remember that if you request your withdrawal on a weekend, the winnings will only be processed on Monday due to the processing banks being closed over the weekend. Once the winnings have been processed, it can take between 3-7 working days to reflect in your account if you have chosen to withdraw to your Visa or debit card.


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