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Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist with any questions you may have with Roxy Palace.

Click here for the casino's comprehensive Help page.  Most of the common questions and issues are addressed, so you will probably find a satisfactory answer to your question.  If you are unable to find an answer, please either call, email or chat to us.

At Roxy Palace we take absolute pride in providing all our customers with dazzling service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



Toll Free

International: 17702610098
Germany Toll Free: 08001817524
Germany Toll Free: 08001806768
UK Toll Free: 08000518938
UK Local Rate: 08458723524
Australian Freephone: 1800618758
Canadian Toll Free: 18888588246
Canadian Toll Free: 18553381461
Swedish Toll Free: 020795756
Dutch Toll Free: 08000221476


To send us an email, please click here.


Alternatively, you can chat live to one of our Player Experience Team below:

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