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Baccarat: Serious cash, shaken not stirred.

Get your James Bond on with this cool, classic game that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years!

If it’s good enough for this guy then hey it’s good enough for us. If you are big on Blackjack then we know video baccarat will be your speed too. If you are new to online black jack then Baccarat is a great way to practice your skills. A black jack big shot? Well don’t worry – there are plenty of new challenges and cold hard cash here to heat up the action.

There are a few subtle differences between the two games, have a read through our handy tips to keep your James Bond cool.

Baccarat: strategy and rules

•Baccarat follows the basic blackjack rules except you make your bet before the cards are dealt. You can wager on the "Player" winning, the "Banker" winning or if you think there will be a tie or "push" you can bet on that too. There really is no "Player" or "Banker", (you actually do not receive any cards!) those are just the names given to the 2 hands.

•The magic number in this game is 9 – this is the value you are looking to reach. In original Blackjack it’s 21.

•2 hands are dealt in the centre of the table. The first hand is the Player’s hand. The second hand is the Bankers cards. Your job? Decide which hand you will wager, aiming to get as close as possible to a combined value of 9.

•If you bet on a push and your bet is successful, then you win a pot that's 9:1 your wager.

•Aces are worth 1, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 0 and cards 2-9 are worth their value.

•Hands are 2 cards each; the score is determined by adding them.

If they total 10 or more, you take away the first digit. Here’s an example - if you get an 8 and a 2 that equals 10 but would make a score of 0. If you receive a 4 and a 9, this totals 13 but you would receive a score of 3.

•The table of play is used to decide if the Player or Banker pick up 1 more card each or hold.

•If you win, you'll get paid even money (1-1).

•How’s this for irony? The name of the game – Baccarat, actually means 0! Funny that the game is named after the worst possible outcome isn’t it!

Baccarat is a simple game to pick up but you are still assured a stimulating challenge.

So don your best James Bond suit, mix up a martini and let the money making games begin.

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