Jurassic Park Casino Game

Jurassic Park

Science brought the dinosaurs back to life and they run rampant in this fun and exciting video slots game, powered by Microgaming. With design and graphics that rival the mastery of the classic movie, Jurassic Park is certain to take your breath away, while also offering you a very good chance at becoming richer

Face the Dinosaurs and Win a Fortune

This is a game for the courageous that don’t mind standing up to a T-Rex to win a fortune. The heroes from the movie are there with you through their symbols. Not all is as calm as it seems in the base game, since the T-Rex Alert Mode can appear at any time and add loads of wilds to your reels.

Mosquitoes trapped in amber are the scatters. You should hope to find at least 3 to 5, because that means that the Dinosaurs will wake up and bring you amazing bonuses and free spins.

While roaming the jungle you will find 5 different free spin triggering dinosaurs: The Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Velociraptor, the Dilophosaurus, the Brachiosaurus and the Triceratops.

Each of them gives you different features and bonuses. They all offer 12 free spins, but only the calm Brachiosaurus allows them to retrigger, while also offering you multiplier for your wins.

The T-Rex stirs things up by causing wild reels to happen. The Velociraptor makes wild spins and 6x multipliers to appear. The Triceratops runs through the screen, making wilds appear and stay for a while for you to win some more. The Dilophosaurus turn a symbol into a wild that sticks around for as long as it helps you win.

After 25 free spin triggers you can choose the dinosaur you like best to appear the next time you get free spins. If you play carefully and face the ancient dinosaurs with courage, then you stand a chance to win the roaring 95.000 coin Jackpot for yourself

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