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p style="color:white;">Can you hear that? That's the sound of a Roxy Palace Canada player hitting the jackpot on one of our Online Slots! Thanks to a world-class selection of slot machines that deliver seamless game play, slick graphics, dynamic animation and built-in excitement, jackpot winnings are a common occurrence at the casino - so if you haven't started playing the slots at Roxy Palace yet, you're losing out!,/p>

Every minute that passes at Roxy Palace is another opportunity for you to hit the big time on hundreds of world-class online slots - so there's no time like the present to hit that 'Bet' button! If you haven't signed up as a player at Roxy Palace yet, simply register at the no-download Flash Casino, or download the full casino and register to play for real money.

Hit the jackpot with a new player sign-up bonus

You won't even have to hit the 'Bet' button to strike it rich the first time - because as soon as you open a Real Account with Roxy Palace, you'll qualify for a fantastic new player sign-up bonus! Paid into your account in Canadian dollars, your sign-up bonus is the beginning of a bankroll that's sure to multiply the moment you step into the casino!

Enjoy the ultimate in Online Slots action at Roxy Palace

If you're new to Roxy Palace, then there's something you should know. Roxy Palace IS slots. There's a reason we've been voted the best casino for Online Slots three years running - and that's because we deliver the latest, most action-packed online slots games, the tried and true classics everyone loves, and the biggest and best jackpots on the Internet!

At Roxy Palace, we offer our players over 500 of the finest Microgaming-powered online casino games available - and more than half of those are slots games alone! From easy-to-play 3-Reel Slots to interactive 5-Reel Video Slots to huge Progressive Jackpots, Roxy Palace has everything you're looking for - even down to English pub-style fruit machines.

But while the slots games may all be different, there's one thing they all have in common - fun! Spinning reels, paylines galore, free spins, bonus features, and gamble screens - the winning excitement never stops on the Roxy Palace slots, and you're guaranteed to enjoy every minute of it!

Tips and tricks - everything you need to know about Online Slots

Of course, the more you play, the more you'll learn and the more you'll win! But if you really want to increase your jackpot winnings, there are a few Online Slots tips and tricks you might find useful:

  • Money, money, money - the more money you win for your bankroll when you start out, the more you'll be able to take risks later on. Play it safe when you first get started by betting only the minimum - then once your bankroll is sizeable enough, you'll be able to Bet Max all the way!
  • Play to your strengths - if there's a game you're good at, such as Thunderstruck II or Tomb Raider, keep playing and honing your skills on it. Then once you feel confident, move onto other games and increase your skill set.
  • Get to grips with the games - Online Slots may all look the same, but they vary according to reels, paylines and winning combinations. The more familiar you are with how each game works, the more informed betting decisions you'll be able to make.
  • Bonus time - Many Video Slots bonus screens, free spins or gamble features. These will all add to your bankroll, so keep a lookout for them and take advantage whenever you can.
  • Get back to basics - Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Online Slots, take it easy at first. Start with the simpler 3-Reel Slots, then move up to the 5-Reel Slots - and eventually the 5-reel, 100-payline slots!
  • Bet max baby - Once your bankroll is big enough, your skills are sharp and you're an Online Slots master, then it's time to bet big and Bet Max! Betting the maximum will ensure you're in the running for the big jackpots - which in the case of Progressives, could mean millions of dollars!
  • Have fun! - It's really the only rule there is. A positive attitude attracts positive energy, so the more fun you have, the more winnings you're likely to earn too. And who knows - if you're extra positive, Lady Luck could pay you a visit and never leave!

Now that you know everything there is to know about slots games, there's really only one thing to do - play them! The slots reels are spinning at Roxy Palace Canada as we speak, and the sooner you get to them, the sooner you could be our next big jackpot winner!


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