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Roxy Palace Australia introduces the thrilling, exciting and grand Castle Builder, the 5 Reel Pokie game which reigns supreme as one of the best new games available online. Your journey of adventure begins in a medieval world, where you meet kings, queens, knights, and princesses. Your quest is simple – build 10 castles for monarchs in 3 kingdoms to earn the princess’s hand in marriage.

Join the world of fantasy, where the adventure is only matched by the size of the rewards. Become part of the monarch, as you witness kings and queens ruling from their stately castles.

As a player you become the master builder – building castles for monarchs in 3 different kingdoms. As you spin the wheels you gather the construction material symbols needed to complete your mission. Once the castle is built, the princess moves in and has to make a decision between 3 admirers all keen on her hand in marriage. These admirers each boast individual levels of riches, from poor fellows (small win), to the average citizen (medium win) and the really rich guys (high win).

As the game progresses, your castle requirements grow, and you will need to improve your technique and use more construction material symbols. The bigger the castle, the richer the admirer. Once all the castles are completed, the respective kings will reward you will special achievements. In doing so, you climb up the ranks and receive unique service medals.

While playing this innovative game, you will be awe-struck by the wonderful combination of visuals, sound effects and gameplay – all offering a world-class gaming experience. The unique mechanisms and rich content keeps things challenging and exciting, while the stunning cash rewards keeps you motivated. Castle Builder is the ideal game for players in search of a good challenge – here you will need to build your castles, earn the respect of the king and win the princess’s hand in marriage, not to mention the fabulous cash prizes.

Start the adventure today with Roxy Palace Australia and Castle Builder. This game offers a fun, challenging experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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