Blackjack: Get rich with Roxy Palace Casino

Roxy Palace welcomes you to the most widely played casino game in the world and Australian’s absolute favourite – Blackjack! Blackjack allows for total player control, is incredibly simple to understand and there are many ways to enjoy incredible wealth through play. It may be considered as a game of skill, but it is fairly simple to play. So join the thousands of people enjoying this game and stand the chance to bag thousands of dollars with Blackjack at Roxy Palace Online Casino.

How to play blackjack

Blackjack dates back to 17th Century Spain and is also known as Twenty-one. During a game of traditional Blackjack, a maximum of seven players face a dealer, every players receives two playing cards dealt to them by the dealer and they must get a total higher than that of the dealer. The object of the game is to simply to beat the dealer’s hand.

If a player’s two cards have a score higher than 21, the player has lost and is ruled out of that hand. If the dealer should have a score higher than 21, then he loses to every player at the table. If, however, none of the players lose (or bust), all the players are given back the bets they placed and the blackjack hand takes the name of push.

The natural, or the blackjack, is the best blackjack hand a player can get. This hand is made up of two initial blackjack cards whose total value is 21. If a player receives such a hand, it is an automatic win. This is the kind of hand that every blackjack player prays for when turning over their dealt cards.

Blackjack glossary

  • Hit, or draw = this is a blackjack term that translates to “to take” another card.
  • Bust = this is when a player obtains two cards with a total larger than 21. This is an automatic loss.
  • Cold deck = this is when a player has a deck of bad cards.
  • Double exposure = this is a blackjack variant in which all the dealer's cards are played face up.
  • Face cards = these are the picture cards, namely the jack, queen, and king, normally worth 10 points.
  • Stand or to stick = this is when the player decides not to take more cards.
  • Double down = when the player decides to double his bet taking just one card.
  • Natural = term that refers to a blackjack.
  • Push = when both the player and the dealer have the same total.
  • Split a pair = used when the blackjack player has two cards with the same value. The player then decides to create two different hands and places one bet for each of them.
  • Surrender = when the player decides to surrender and give up half of the bet he has placed.

Blackjack is an action packed game that can see you winning thousands! Get playing today at Roxy Palace!

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