3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker and 3 Card Poker Gold

Did you ever wish for a simpler version of poker – one that is played fast and has higher chances of payouts? Well, look no further than Roxy Palace, where 3 Card Poker is the game for you. Popular in Las Vegas and Europe, 3 Card Poker features two games in one, raising the excitement and your chances of winning. This game is also available in the Gold version.

How to play 3 Card Poker

As the name suggests, 3 Card Poker is played with only 3 Cards. In this game, you only play against the house, not other players. The house has lower winning chances than in most other casino games, making 3 Card Poker ideal for those who want to win hard.

You can place two kinds of bets:

  • An Ante bet – This is played with your cards against the dealer. The dealer must have at least Queen high for this bet to stand. When you make an Ante bet you will have to place an equal amount in a Play bet as well

  • Pair Plus bet – Here you bet whether you have a pair in your hand or not

Similar to ordinary Poker, 3 Card Poker has some card combinations that are stronger than the rest:

  • High Card – This is the highest value card in your hand

  • Pair – Two cards that are worth the same

  • Flush – Three cards that belong to the same suit

  • Straight – Three cards that are in numerical order, but don’t belong to the same suit

  • Three of a Kind – Three cards that are of the same rank

  • Straight Flush – Three cards in numerical order and of the same suit

  • Even if you lose your Ante bet against the dealer, certain of the above combinations still pay out. Straight Flush pays out 5-1, Three of a Kind pays out 4-1, and Straight hands pay out 1-1

3 Card Poker is played with a single 52 card deck, which is shuffled after each and every play. If your hand is weak, you can fold. However, if you have a winning chance you can take a bet.

How to play 3 Card Poker Gold

Give a casino favourite 3 Card Poker a makeover and you have 3 Card Poker Gold. The attention to detail is stunning: the walnut table, silky animation and authentic atmosphere make it a first class experience. The rules are simple – players are offered an Ante/Play bet before the deal (a bet against the dealer’s hand) and/or a Pair Plus Bet (a bet that you are holding a Pair). After the deal you may either fold or continue and place a Play bet equal to the Ante. If you play, the dealer’s hand must contain a Queen or higher to continue. Follow the rules below carefully and 3 Card Poker Gold will present a host of ways to build a winning advantage:

  • You can play two games either together or separately

  • If you place a wager on the ‘Pair Plus’ game, both you and the dealer receive three cards before you decide whether to fold or play on. If you fold, you lose your bet. If you play but lose the hand, you will still be paid if you are holding a Pair

  • In the ‘Pair Plus’ game, a Pair pays 1:1 and the highest, a Straight Flush, pays 40:1

  • Pair Plus payouts are not dependent on the dealer’s hand

  • To play the ‘Ante’ game, you must place a bet on the ‘Ante’ and, if you decide to play, an equal bet to ‘Play’. The dealer’s hand must contain a Queen to qualify for the game otherwise you will be paid your ‘Play’ bet and double your ‘Ante’ bet

  • If the dealer qualifies for the ‘Ante’ game, the highest hand wins. If you win, you will be paid at 1:1 on both bets

  • In the ‘Ante’ game, Queen High is the lowest hand and a Straight Flush is the highest

Take part in one of the hottest games around. 3 Card Poker is here to shake the bank and give you an edge over the house. With rules similar to Poker and a much faster pace, you can enjoy speedy winnings and the thrill of the game more than ever before. Join us at the table for an amazing game, only at Roxy Palace.


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