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What on Earth Video Slot

https://images.roxypalace.com/gameimages/features/what-on-earth/main.jpg Feel like your time playing regular video casino games sometimes goes into a black hole? Get yourself a more exciting casino game line-up and start it off with What on Earth video slot. This game will keep you excited with aliens, rockets and, of course, the monster max jackpot of 7 500 coins! What on Earth is a great online slots game offering a fun, high-paying, high-tech video casino experience. Why not start playing What on Earth Video Slot right now? It's truly out of this world!

Features include:


What on Earth video slot is a five reel, nine pay line multiple coin game, with a wild and scatter symbol and three bonus features.

General Game Rules

• This game is a five reel, nine payline video slot • You can bet up to ten coins per line and the value of those coins can be adjusted from 0.01-1 • There is a wild symbol, the What on Earth logo. This wild symbol is a bit different from most games in that it can only take the place of the console and port hole symbols • If you see five What on Earth logos on one of your pay lines you automatically win the max jackpot of 7 500 coins • There's another symbol twist to this game: not one, not two, but three scatter symbols - the rocket, the saucer and the shuttle. The rocket can hit on any reel but the saucer and shuttle will only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5

Beam Up Bonus

https://images.roxypalace.com/gameimages/features/what-on-earth/beam-up-bonus.jpg • If you get three saucer or shuttles on reels 3, 4 and 5 then you will be eligible for the Beam'em Up bonus feature. Another way to play the Beam'em Up bonus feature is if you get three or more rocket symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5 • In the Beam'em Up bonus feature you win a multiplier by choosing an alien that beams up a human onto its spaceship • That multiplier increases the amount of coins you have bet to make your jackpot huge • The Beam'em Up bonus feature game has its own set of special multiplier symbols and can also lead to the Destination bonus feature or the Contest bonus feature

Destination Bonus

https://images.roxypalace.com/gameimages/features/what-on-earth/destination-bonus.jpg • The Destination bonus feature happens when your alien beams up a globe instead of a person • Then you get to choose one of four other destinations so then your alien can beam up an earthling and you can have a better chance at getting a great multiplier

Contest Bonus

https://images.roxypalace.com/gameimages/features/what-on-earth/contest-bonus.jpg • The Contest bonus feature is triggered when your alien beams up a contest invitation instead of an earthling • Your alien automatically competes against other aliens to see who can beam up the greatest number of people in a certain amount of time • Once time is up, see how your alien did and how many coins you've won

Enjoy an out-of-this-world adventure as you zap your way to a huge amount of cash prizes with What on Earth at Roxy Palace.

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