Terminator 2 Slot Game

Terminator 2

Welcome to the war-torn future of Terminator 2, where all that stands between the doom of mankind and salvation is you, a rogue T-800 robot and lots of cash prizes! Terminator 2 is the latest and greatest blockbuster title from Roxy Palace, bringing back all the glory of the 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day cult movie classic, supercharging it with bonus features literally from the future and a jackpot of 88,000 coins that’s fit for the world’s most advanced video slot. Let’s see what makes Terminator 2 so incredibly lucrative, unique and sheer fun.

Features include:

Terminator 2 features

  • The T- 800 Vision Mode will trigger at random on any non-winning spin in Base Game and awards a cash payout for all High End character symbols
  • During Free Spins, the T-1000 symbol transforms to a substitute symbol as part of a winning combination

Max payout

  • The Main Game max payout is 60 000 coins
  • The T-800 Vision Feature max payout is 35 000 coins
  • The Free Spins Jackpot max payout is 880 000 coins

Payout rules in Main Game

  • The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter
  • The T-800 Vision Mode will be triggered at random in the Base Game on any non-winning spin, and awards a cash payout for Character symbols

Payout rules Free Spins

  • The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the T-1000

Game Rules

  • Wins will be awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations, except for the Scatter symbol. These symbols pay out in any position
  • Way wins is multiplied by the coins bet
  • All wins are multiplied by coins bet per way
  • Only the highest winning combination awards per symbol combination

Way rules

  • There are 243 Ways to win in Base Game and 1024 Ways to win in Free Spins
  • Way wins are awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations
  • Multiple winning combinations are awarded per way

Scatter rules

  • All Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet staked
  • Scatter symbol wins add to way wins
  • The Scatter symbol pays in any position

Wild rules

  • The Wild substitutes for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter and the T-1000 symbol in Free Spins

T-800 Vision rules

Terminator 2 T800 Vision features

  • This feature occurs in the Base Game only and plays out as a single stage Bonus Game
  • The feature is triggered at random on any NON-WINNING spin
  • T-800 Vision awards a cash payout for all High End character symbols
  • The T-1000 symbol awards the highest cash prize. The T-1000 symbol is therefore scanned last in the scanning process, and has a uniquely different animation associated to it when scanned
  • Landing a single Scatter symbol anywhere on the Reels during T-800 Vision triggers the Free Spin feature

Free Spin rules

  • You can win up to 880 000 coins during Free Spins
  • Landing 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols in the Base Game triggers 10 Free Spins
  • A single Scatter symbol landing anywhere on the Reels during T-800 Vision triggers 10 Free Spins
  • Free Spins must have a 5x4 visible area and 1024 Ways functionality
  • Free Spins cannot be retriggered
  • All bets played are the same as the game that triggered the Free Spins
  • How the T-1000 functions within Free Spins:
  1. The T-1000 symbol acts as a substitute symbol

  2. The T-1000 symbol will only transform if part of a winning combination

  3. The T-1000 symbol transforms into any other character symbol, and awards the highest overall win for that spin

  4. All T-1000 symbols that transform will morph into the same character symbol

  5. If there are multiple T-1000 symbols on-screen, only the T-1000 symbols that contribute to the win will transform

Say “Hasta La Vista, Baby“ to all other video slots and get ready to experience the sheer thrill of a morphing slot that turns from 243 ways into 1024 ways with Terminator 2. This is a unique game that will shower you in riches as you save the world and battle evil, morphing robots.

Sign up and claim your 100% match welcome bonus TODAY to join the fight against robot oppression alongside Terminator 2, only at Roxy Palace.


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