Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Get ready for the latest and greatest festive-themed slot machine that will ever climb down your chimney with Secret Santa Video Slot! Here’s a fantastic five reel, 1024 ways game with a charming theme that captivates the spirit of Christmas and packs some amazing gift-wrapped cash prizes and a jackpot of 24,000 coins that Santa himself delivers. Secret Santa Video Slot boasts cutting-edge visuals with sparkling snow and glittering gifts that will instantly set the mood for some serious winnings all season round.

Features include:

  • The Secret Santa Bonus triggers at random from the Base Game and awards 1 of 7 Mystery Features
  • Free Spins, Wild Reels, Scatter Spree, Wild Boost, Mystery Multiplier, Rolling Reels™ and Dashing Wilds
  • If 5 of a Kind land on-screen in the Base Game, the 5 of a Kind Again feature will trigger after payout

Maximum payout

  • Main Game: 2 780.00 / 55 600 coins
  • Bonus Features: 115 000.00 / 2 300 000 coins

Payout rules in Main Game

Secret Santa Mystery Features

  • The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols, excluding the Scatter
  • The Secret Santa Bonus is randomly triggered and awards one of 7 Mystery Features
  • 5 of a Kind wins in the Base Game, pays out and then re-spin for an additional 5 of a Kind wind

Payout Rules Free Spins

  • All wins multiplied by 3x during Free Spins

Game rules

Secret Santa Ways

  • Wins must award for left to right adjacent symbol combinations, except for the Scatter symbol that will pay in any position
  • Way wins will multiply by coins bet

Way rules

  • 1024 Ways to Win
  • Way wins must award for the left to right adjacent symbol combinations
  • Award multiple winning combinations per way
  • Only the highest winning combination is awarded per symbol combination

Scatter rules

  • The Scatter wins must multiply by the total bet staked
  • The Scatter symbol wins must add to way wins
  • The Scatter symbol will pay in any position

Wild rules

  • The Wild substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter

5 of a Kind Again rules

Secret Santa 5 of a kind

  • When a 5 of a Kind symbol combination lands on-screen, they pay their respective symbol payout
  • After that the 5 of a Kind combination animates, transforming into a new 5 of a Kind combination, paying out for 5 of a Kind Again
  • Only the highest of the 5 of a Kind combinations will animate and transform for the 5 of a Kind Again feature

Secret Santa Bonus rules

  • Win up to 2 300 000 coins
  • The Secret Santa Bonus must trigger randomly from the Base Game
  • The Secret Santa Bonus will award 1 of 7 mystery (secret) features on trigger
  • The features may trigger in any order, that is, there is no specific order in which the features may trigger, and the same feature may award again on subsequent triggers

Each of the seven features has a separate reel set. The features will occur for a single paid for spin only (except the Free Spin feature, where only the first spin is paid for)

  1. Wild Reels Feature

* The Wild Reels feature turns up to 3 Reels Wild * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins

  1. Scatter Spree Feature

* During this feature, all symbols pay as scatters, meaning that wins must multiply by the total bet staked and that the symbols must pay in any position * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins

  1. Wild Boost Feature

* During this feature, a random high or low symbol will be turned Wild * The Base Game Wild and Scatter symbols cannot be affected by the Wild Boost feature * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins * The feature will not play if the particular symbol specified by the maths does not appear on the Reels

  1. Mystery Multiplier Feature

Secret Santa Mystery Features

  • Occurs as a ‘normal’ Base Game spin, with all wins for the spin being multiplied by a mystery multiplier
  • The multiplier can be either 5x or 10x
  • The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins
  1. Rolling Reels™ Feature

* This is a Rolling Reels™ feature * Rolling Reels™ can award multiple consecutive wins * The 2x multiplier applies to the initial winning combinations before any rolls occur. The multiplier will then immediately begin to increment – going to 4x after the first roll * Consecutive wins must increase the multiplier up to a possible 12x * The feature multiplier trail increments by 2x up to 12x (that is, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x) * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins

  1. Dashing Wilds Feature

* This is an Extra Wild feature * During the Reel spin, 4 Dashing Wilds will appear on the reels, one per row of symbols * These Wilds will move back and forth in each row, coming to land in random symbol positions just before the reels stop spinning * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins

  1. Free Spins Feature

* This is a Free Spin feature * 1 Paid for spin will trigger 5 Free Spins * The paid for spin resolves and wins must pay out, after that the Free Spin feature will play out * Free Spins will have a 3x multiplier * Free Spins cannot be retriggered * The feature will only trigger where there are possible wins

You can’t go wrong with a game like Secret Santa Video slot that freely awards its bonus features! To enjoy one of the most generous slot machines this season, sign up with Roxy Palace and get ready for a festive-themed slots extravaganza with Secret Santa Video Slot today!


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