Robo Jack Video Slot Game

RoboJack Casino Game

Get ready for a high geared video slots game with RoboJack and his metallic companions. With 5x3 reels and 243 different ways to win, you can become electrically wealthy if you play your game right.

Charge up your batteries and turn on the power, because the robots are here to make you rich

Get your hands on robotic riches

All robots in RoboJack are programmed to help you make some serious money. The scatter symbol is a button that opens up a treasury. Each scatter symbol adds to your ways earnings and gets multiplied according to your base bet.

If you get 3 to 5 wilds you will be awarded free spins. But that's not all There are five different robot friends who are there to make your free spins even more exciting. At each free spin you will be awarded a random robot from these five, who will give you a bonus. Each robot has its own bonus and you can reroll the robot you got once to get another one.

The bonuses these robots give you include:



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