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Peek a Boo Slot Game

Get ready for some ghost zapping fun with Peek-a-Boo, the all-new online slot game courtesy of Roxy Palace. Play to win with this captivating and comical 5 x 4 reel, 40 pay line and 1024 ways to win game. Peek-a-Boo is packed with enough spine-tingling onscreen action to satisfy any player''s gaming appetite.

Features include:

Base Game

  • Wild symbols are stacked four symbols high in the base game. These are fixed stacks across all reels, and no increase in the stack size per spin

  • A ghost buster symbol landing on reel three indicates random ghosts can be zapped. This awards a cash value and one free spin per ghost in the ghost meter

Free Spin Feature

  • Ten zapped ghosts in the ghost meter trigger ten free spins

  • Once the free spins are triggered, you are awarded a cash value of all zapped ghosts

  • If you land a three symbol win within free spins, reels four and five will re-spin in an attempt to increase the win to a four or five symbol win

  • If the player gets a four symbol win, reel five will re-spin to try and increase the win to a five symbol win

  • There are also super stacked wilds on reels four and five during free spins. These are evenly stacked 12 symbols high and the stacks will not grow

General Game Rules

  • Players are afforded the chance to win up to 100 000

  • Way wins are awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations

  • Base game wins are multiplied by the bet per line

  • Free spins way wins are multiplied by the ways bet

  • Just the highest winning combination is awarded per symbol combination

Wild Rules

  • The wild symbol will replace any other symbol on the reels

  • The wild is stacked on all reels during the base game

  • The wild is super stacked on reels four and five during free spins

Line Rules

  • There are 40 lines during the base game, with all wins paid from left to right

  • All wins are multiplied by the bet per line

  • The number of lines wagered is fixed

Way Rules

  • There are 1024 ways to win in free spins, and wins are awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations

  • All wins are multiplied by the ways bet

  • Multiple winning combinations are awarded per way

Base Game Rules

  • The High 1 symbol can zap one ghost per reel on reel three

  • Each zapped ghost will be stored in the ghost meter, and this adds to the free spins starting win

  • Collect ten ghosts to trigger free spins

  • Be awarded up to 13 free spins

  • The number of ghosts collected is equal to the number of free spins awarded

If this is not enough to send shivers down your spine, we don’t know what will. Play this otherworldly online slot game today and start raking in the cash at Roxy Palace.


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