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5 Reel Drive Slot Game

5 Reel Drive Video Slot: get on your reels!

Get ready for some incredible road adventure with the 5 Reel Drive video slot! Now prepare yourself for crazy speed racers and some hardcore fast food meal! 5 Reel Drive is a 5 reel, 9 payline video slot from Microgaming with top graphics and unique sounds to take you back in time to the 1950s and join the daring hot rod drivers.

This exciting racing theme behind the beautifully drawn artwork makes the 5 Reel Drive video slot even more fun. Hit the road in your fantasy supercar and begin your journey towards the awesome prizes of 5 Reel Drive! Stop your dream vehicle to take a tasty lunch break and line up as many juicy snacks as you can to chase the jackpot!

Apart from the mind-blowing audiovisual effects and the truly American retro feeling, 5 Reel Drive has some more fabulous things to offer. Look out for colourful scatters, wilds and bonus games to find yourself in payout paradise with this revving slot machine!

5 Reel Drive Video Slot: how to play?

As the fantasy ride starts you can feel your pulse racing with suspense. Spin around the lucky symbols of 5 Reel Drive such as the French fries, hamburgers, soda, berry pie and coffee-doughnut combo that perfectly blend with the funny road trip theme.

Pay particular attention to the shiny road signs since they are the wild symbols of 5 Reel Drive and replace any missing icon you need to complete your winning combination. Don’t let the police car sirens scare you away from the reels! Collect three of more of these generous symbols and multiply your winnings in 5 Reel Drive!

Keep in mind that you’re just a single click away from this action-packed video slot! Join our lucky winners and let the funky road signs lead you to the ultimate luxury lifestyle of the hot roadies! Click to play 5 Reel Drive


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