Zany Zebra

ZanyZebra: rock your way to a fortune at Roxy Palace

Come to play Zany Zebra at Roxy Palace online casino This great 3 reel, 5 payline and 5 coin zebra-themed slot machine game has multiple paylines that increase your chances of winning.

Watch out for the Zebra symbol, which is Zany Zebra’s Wild and substitutes for all the other missing symbols to help you create many winning combinations. To enable more paylines, simply bet one more coin for each line you want to be paid out a combo on.

Among the many combinations possible in Zany Zebra, the one that pays out the most is the 3-Seven-symbols one, which will see you pocket 300 coins in one single move. But that’s not all, because whenever 3 Zany Zebra Bell symbols appear on the reels, you get a whopping 200 coin payout.

If you like the simple, classic slots format don’t miss out on this one guys, ‘cause Zany Zebra’s maximum payout is worth 6,000 coins Play Zany Zebra at Roxy Palace online casino and get up to free to match your first deposit as soon as you sign up.

Name Zany Zebra
Genre 3 reel slot
Theme Wildlife
Max bet 10 coins
Jackpot 6,000 coins
Reels 3
Paylines 5

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