SpellBound Video Slot

Unlock the secret of this bewitching video slot and earn yourself some devilishly good prizes. With three reels, three pay lines and the potential to payout a huge 6 000 coin jackpot, SpellBound is a magical mystery tour with lots of tricks and treats along the way. There are endless ways to increase your treasure trove so this is one heady potion you won’t be able to resist!

SpellBound centres on a beautiful green-eyed enchantress with flame-coloured hair who will instantly have you in her power. Not such a wicked witch, she most definitely wants to help and will lead you to the big winnings. Other magical icons who will have you under their spell include the owl and the amulet along with the 3-bar, 2-bar and 1-bar traditional slot staples. Nothing is what it seems in this magical world and even the most modest-looking symbols can cast a spell and transform your winning totals.

This game has a lot of unique features along with stunning graphics and high-quality sound effects, creating a tempting brew to captivate slots lovers of all levels. And as you watch your winnings grow, you’ll be glad you discovered the magic touch.

Features include:

SpellBound is a three reel, three pay line, three coin game with a wild symbol.

General Game Rules

Three pay lines, three reels and a 6 000 coin maximum payout guarantees that Spellbound is a treasure trove of captivating excitement. Make sure you cast the right spell over your winning potential with these strategy-boosting tips:

• The wild in Spellbound is the green-eyed enchantress. She’s on your side however, as wherever she appears on the pay line she’ll stand in for all the other symbols to conjure up fantastic winning combos for you • If you watch her eyes, she’ll give you a wink when she’s worked her magic • If you want to get your hands on the jackpot, you’ll have to trust the enchantress again • If all three pay lines are in the game, (and the spirits are in the right place of course), and she appears three times, you’ll get the 6 000 coin payout • If you’ve only bet on two pay lines you’ll get 3 000 and on one, 1 500 coins

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