Sizzling Scorpions

Sizzling Scorpions Video Slot

Sizzling Scorpions Main Leave the heat of the casino and head out into the desert for the hottest scorpion race under the sun. Sizzling Scorpions is a classic, Vegas-style 3-reel, 1 pay line video slot. There’s no sting in the tail with the jackpot either as it’s a whopping 5,000 coins. Like our scorpion friends, this is a game where size isn’t everything!

High-quality graphics and precision sound effects really bring the atmosphere of the desert alive in Sizzling Scorpions. On the reels you’ll come across buzzards, a green 7, 3-bar, 2-bar and 11-bar symbols – and of course the scorpion, complete with a cheeky grin. The action gets really scorching with the fantastic bonus feature that takes you to the desert where the race – complete with William Tell overture – is run. All you have to do is choose the most likely scorpion and watch your winnings scuttling in.

Features include:

Although there is no wild or scatter symbols, there is a bonus game that offers great opportunities to win big.

General Game Rules

With 3 reels, 1 pay line, the fantastic bonus feature and that super-generous jackpot, the heat is on when you play Sizzling Scorpions. Make sure you’re prepared for desert conditions so your winnings don’t dry up with these strategy-boosting tips:

• Watch out for the buzzard symbol circling around the reels. If he appears on the pay line, this big bird will activate the bonus feature – but only if you’ve played the maximum bet of 3 coins on the pay line. • To play the bonus feature in Sizzling Scorpions you need to first of all check out the scorpions and decide which one is going to be your winner. Then the buzzard starts the race and they’re off! Come in 1st and you’re looking at winnings of 100 coins, come in 2nd for a 50 coin prize and 3rd, 30 coins. This is all added to your winning total and you go back to the main game. • If you see three scorpions on your pay line it’s a good day. You’ve hit the jackpot and will walk away with a massive 5,000 coins!

This is a game for everyone who loves slots and who loves to win big prizes - whether you love scorpions or not! With tons of winning combos and Microgaming’s smooth gameplay, you’ll find plenty to amuse you, whatever your level of experience. So get on your marks and get set to win!


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