Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat Video Slot: Viva Las Vegas on sea

Put on your dancing shoes and rock and roll with the king on a boat in this fantastic 3 reel, 1 payline slot. Rock the Boat is a true video slot original and this quirky homage to Elvis will have you all shook up with its rewarding 1,600 coins bonus. You’ll find Elvis alive and rocking on a boat next to a lighthouse and he’s ready to help you haul in the big winnings

Rock the Boat is one of the funniest slots you’ll find in the casino. Vibrant graphics featuring Elvis, a lighthouse, a guitar and the classic BAR symbol go hand in hand with Microgaming’s cutting edge technology and superior gameplay. There are fantastic opportunities to get the gold, and you won’t be able to resist shaking those hips to Jailhouse Rock every time you win.

This is a game for slots lovers, Elvis fans and anyone who loves money, honey.

Whether you’re new to slots or not, Rock The Boat’s unique features mean that you could be sailing away with the big, big rewards. It’s now or never so jump on board and watch those reels roll

How to play Rock the Boat Video Slot: strategy and rules


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