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Double Magic and Double Magic Megaspin Slot Games

If you are new to online casinos, then this is a great place to start. Double Magic video slot is one of the best traditional video slot games, with a simple format but generous and frequent payouts. Let Double Magic introduce you to the exciting and potentially lucrative world of online slot games. Also available is the Double Magic Mega Spin version of the game.

How to play Double Magic

Winnings appear as if by magic during this thrilling game, but before you don your magician’s hat, take a look at these tricks.

  • First decide how much you want to bet. You can wager either 1 or 2 coins per spin. The coins’ values are adjustable, and the minimum bet per spin is 0.50 and the max 10

  • Spin the reels and see what combination appears

  • Another fun part of Double Magic is the Wild/Multiplier Symbol

  • The Blue Star icon is Wild, and when it appears on the reels it can morph into any other symbol to make a winning combination

  • If this happens, your jackpot will automatically double

  • If you spin the reels and get 2 Blue Stars, it is easier to make a winning combination and your jackpot gets quadrupled

How to play Double Magic MegaSpin

Double Magic Mega Spin is a dream to play, looks great and pays out generously and often. This 3 reel, single pay line casino classic has a lot more life in it yet. Added to that, you can now play 9 separate games at once, making Double Magic Mega Spin a true multi-reeled marvel. Take a quick look at a few simple hints and tips to get you winning big.

  • The Blue Star symbol is the Wild, and substitutes for other symbols to give you even more winning opportunities

  • This is also the Multiplier and will increase any wins by 2x if one appears, and 4x if two symbols appear on the winning line

  • There is a wide betting range (from 0.25 up to 5.00) available, meaning Double Magic Mega Spin is great for players of all budgets

  • Bet the max of 2 coins and land three Blue Stars to be rewarded with the top prize of 1 600 coins

  • Each game is independent of the other and the same winning combination may be scored in any number of games at the same time

If you’re looking for some true entertainment and delight, give this video slot game a go. You will have a fun time while going for that cool jackpot. Sign up with Roxy Palace today.


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