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Cutesy Pie - Casino Slot

Cutesy Pie: try to win your cutesy pie a big jackpot

Cutesy Pie video slot is a fun 3 reel, single pay line video slot available at Roxy Palace Online Casino. The mascot of the game is Cutesy Pie the Panda, who sits on the left-hand side of the screen. This exciting and adorable game is perfect for new and experienced players, offering a jackpot of up to 2 500 coins that will keep you coming back.

Features include:

  • Cutesy Pie is a simple, easy game without much bells and whistles. It's the simplest game of its kind with only one pay line and featuring regular slot symbols
  • The heart symbol rewards you cash prizes even if you land only one or two on a pay line

General Game Rules

  • This is a straightforward 3 reel, single pay line online slot game featuring classic slot icons like bars, lucky 7s and the heart symbol
  • You can bet up to 3 coins on each spin and those coins can have values of 0.25-5.00
  • You can choose to play Cutesy Pie in autoplay mode if you want the computer to take over a few spins
  • All you have to do click on the expert button and select how many spins, how much you want to wager and even the delay in between spins you want in autoplay mode. This is a great way to take a break while still tying your hand at hitting the big time
  • If you prefer, you can play for free before betting any real money

Cutesy Pie video slot guarantees an entertaining time in your online casino and hopefully you'll win some money along the way. Play today at Roxy Palace.


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