Chiefs Magic Slot Game

Chiefs Magic: conjure up some great wins

The drums are sounding across the plains for Chiefs Magic the 3 reel, single pay-line slot from Microgaming that will make you the envy of your tribe. Based on a Native American theme, this classic Vegas-style machine is an ideal introduction to slots for those new to the online casino. But theres enough payout to make it attractive to seasoned players, too. Give Chiefs Magic a spin it could be a real feather in your cap

Bright and clear graphics coupled with traditional sounds make this a pleasure to play. The symbols will be familiar to everyone: Sevens and Bars make up the majority of the reels but the real money can be made by landing the Chiefs Head icon. Bet the maximum 3 coins and land a trio of these on the third pay-line and youll be handsomely rewarded. The jackpot is a generous 600 coins.

So, whether youre a casino elder or a young betting brave, try your luck at Chiefs Magic and youre sure to fall under its spell.

How to play Chiefs Magic: strategy and rules

Name Chiefs Magic
Payout 600 coin jackpot
Max bet 3 coins
Bonus features -
Paylines 1
Reels 3

Make a note of the hints and tips below. They will help you make the most of Chiefs Magic. Keep them in mind as you spin the reels and your earnings could increase considerably:



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