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Bar Bar Black Sheep - Casino Slots

If slot games are your favourite type of online casino game, then Bar Bar Black Sheep video slot is just for you. This game is a standard three reel, one pay line slot, but has plenty of winning opportunities and a max payout of 1 600 credits!

If you are a new player, the Bar Bar Black Sheep is the perfect starter game. There isn’t much strategy involved other than to stay calm and collected and to take a break if you are on a losing streak. This is a great game for beginners, but even seasoned players will enjoy its cute theme and changes to win. Perfect for some light-hearted entertainment on the reels.

Features include

Bar Bar Black Sheep reel slot is a three reel, one pay line, three coin game, with a wild multiplier symbol.

General Game Rules

  • The black sheep icon is wild and replaces all other symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations

  • There a black sheep represents a special multiplier and trebles all winnings on every combination except jackpot pulls

  • This game allows you to choose your coin value. Therefore, if you make your coin worth two credits and then bet three coins and get three white sheep, the payout is 180x2 credits = 360 credits won! Coins can have a value of 0.25-5.00.
  • Play for free to learn the game or bet real money and you could win some incredible rewards

Bar Bar Black Sheep video slot offers excellent graphics, smooth and seamless gameplay, and a straightforward layout and design that makes the online experience second to none. So why not bring the casino into your living room with the Bar Bar Black Sheep video slot at Roxy Palace Online Casino.


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