Tunzamunni Progressive

Tunzamunni Progressive Video Slot

https://images.roxypalace.com/gameimages/features/tunzamunni/main.jpg Sometimes you just want to visit your online casino to relax and play a traditional casino game without all the extras and twists that can make things complicated. If that sounds like the kind of player you are, you might just like Tunzamunni video slot. This is your classic three reel, one pay line video slot game that features a progressive jackpot.

Features include:

Tunzamunni video slot is a three reel, one pay line and five coin game.

General Game Rules

Tunzamunni Game Rules • This video slot has three reels and one pay line that will spin to make your symbol combination • You can bet up to five coins a spin but those coins can only be worth 0.05 • The progressive jackpot can only be activated if you bet the max – five coins • A progressive jackpot means that each player who is betting the maximum amount adds a bit to a communal jackpot and if you hit a Silver 7, a Red 7 and a Blue 7, in that order, you have won the progressive jackpot • The jackpot starts at 10 000 and has been known to go as high as 50 000! • There are no wilds or scatter symbols so what you see is what you get in terms of icon combinations • It may not sound like a very exciting game, and it's definitely not complicated, but the progressive jackpot makes this a game worth playing • Most other games that feature a progressive jackpot cost a lot more to play but this game is different. Conceivably you could play for just 0.25 and win 10 000

Tunzamunni video slot has it all: crisp and bold graphics, top of the line operating software to guarantee smooth and fast play every time, and, of course, that monster progressive jackpot! There may not be the bells and whistles you're used to with other online casino games, but the simplicity of Tunzamunni video slot makes this game great - anyone can play and anyone can be in the running for the progressive jackpot. So why aren't you playing right now?


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