Fruit Fiesta Progressive Slot Games

Fruit Fiesta Progressive Slot & Video Slot Games

Feel like a little bit of a party? Then have a look at Fruit Fiesta Progressive and let the ultimate fiesta experience begin. This is a superb 3 reel 3 pay line classic slot game that will keep you coming back for more. The game features eye-catching graphics a juicy fruit theme and a huge jackpot making it an absolute must-play. It is also available in the Video Slot version.

How to play Fruit Fiesta Progressive Slot

To help you on your way to fortune we have put together a few tips to improve your slot skills.

Bet the maximum of 3 coins per spin to activate the Progressive Jackpot. Before you start, be sure to check the current value of the Fruit Fiesta Progressive Jackpot which is displayed on the game itself.

The Fruit Fiesta symbol is the Wild and it substitutes for all missing symbols to complete winning combinations

See three of these symbols lining up on the third pay line while betting max and win the Progressive Jackpot

The game features an autoplay option that you can use to let the game play without moving a finger. To activate simply click on the expert button select the number of coins and choose the number of spins you want the game to play automatically

Always bet max if you want to qualify for the Progressive Jackpot

How to play Fruit Fiesta Progressive Video Slot

This fabulous 5 reel 15 pay line video slot is definitely worth a try. It is an updated version of the classic Fruit Fiesta casino game but in this version there are improved graphics and loads of new effects.

Fruit Fiesta Video Slot Progressive features a Wild, a Scatter, and a Progressive Jackpot. Here we offer some more tips on how to play this exciting game.

The Fruit Fiesta symbol is the Wild icon in the game substituting for all other missing symbols to complete some fabulous winning combinations.

Play for the Progressive Jackpot by betting the max and spin those reels until you get 5 Fruit Fiesta symbols lining up on the 15th pay line.

The Scatter can appear in any position on the reels to win. Get at least 3 of these symbols to win some great cash prizes

You qualify for the Progressive Jackpot if you bet the max of 15 coins per spin. Check the Progressive Jackpot value before deciding to bet the maximum stake.

Also bear in mind Fruit Fiesta has a maximum payout of 9 000 coins in the regular slot game.

Play to win big with Fruit Fiesta Progressive and Roxy Palace.


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