Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza Slots Game

Bubble Bonanza is a brand new game at Roxy Palace Casino that ensures loads of fun, along with fantastic prizes to be won! This slot game alternative is easy to play. Match up bubbles in this tranquil prize pond to win huge rewards.

How to Play Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza is ideal for players of all levels to enjoy. The rules of the game are simple – match up 3 bubbles in a straight line and you will win the prizes shown on the paytable. Additional game information includes the following:

  • Bubbles rise 6 at a time to form a 6x6 grid on the virtual pond

  • You will need to complete a line of 3 bubbles after a set of bubbles have been added

  • The more bubbles you match, the more bubbles will appear until you have completed a column on the grid

  • Look out for bonus symbols that boost your wins – these offer a fabulous 10x Multiplier too!

Get those bubbles popping at Roxy Palace Casino with Bubble Bonanza, a brand new slot game alternative to play and win today!


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