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Online Blackjack


Play blackjack online and get rich at Roxy Palace, the most trusted online casino. Blackjack is likely the most widely played casino game online thanks to its exciting combination of skill and luck. Our games are powered by the popular Microgaming software and you can play for free or for real money. Whether you play live or online, the player in control throughout the game. Although black jack is a game of skill, its rules are not complicated if compared with other casino games, meaning you will learn them quickly! Join the fun - start playing instantly at Roxy Palace and get ready for some big wins. You won’t be disappointed, it’s a promise!

How to play

Also known as Twenty-one, the game's origins date back to 17th century Spain. When the twenty-one fever hit the US, one of the highest payouts offered to players was 10 to 1 for the ace of spades plus a black Knave or Jack, which is exactly where its name comes from. In the classic game, a maximum of seven players face the dealer. Every player receives two cards from the dealer and must get a bigger total than that of the dealer.

Beat the dealer now

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. If a player gets a total which is over 21 it means he has lost. If the dealer loses, he loses to every player. Also, in case no-one loses – or busts – players are given back the bets they placed and the hand takes the name of push. The best hand possible is the hand players refer to as natural or blackjack. This consists of two initial cards whose total value is 21. In this case, the player’s win is automatic.

Game Glossary

  • Hit, or draw = a term that means “to take” another card.
  • Bust = when a player obtains a total bigger than 21 and loses automatically.
  • Cold deck = when a player has a deck of really bad cards.
  • Double exposure = this is a variant in which all the dealer's cards are played face up.
  • Face cards = term which refers to the jack, queen, and king, normally worth 10 points.
  • Stand, or to stick = when the player decides not to take more cards.
  • Double down = when the player decides to double his bet taking just one card.
  • Natural = term that refers to a blackjack.
  • Push = when both the player and the dealer have the same total.
  • Split a pair = used when a player, having two cards which have the same value, decides to create two different hands and places one bet for each of them.
  • Surrender = when the player decides to surrender and give up half of the bet he has placed.


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Roxy Palace brings you an online version of this much-loved game that is packed full of features to help you win big in the rooms with plenty of high-stake betting action!

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